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Some define it as the “heel”, other call it the “heel of Italy” because its geographic position at the south of the boot, but the Salento is more than only an simple area of the Puglia: its is something as the “Puglia in the Puglia” with its own history and culture That is why its inhabitants love to be called salentini more that in general way pugliesi. An not only by pride but for all the characteristical that make its land unic for the Barocco leccese, for the extensions of olive trees centuries old greowing in a red like soil the only in the aqrea and for the popular believings like the tarantismo and more than all for two emerald coasts In the heart of the Salento is the “Salentina Greece” an area formed by new towns: Calimera, Castrignano dei Greci, Corigliano d´Otranto, Martano, Soleto, Sternatia e Zollino he salentine Greece is an area where still are rests of the greek-bizantine civilization where still is alive rge “griko”, a dialect similar to the ancient greek


Live Salento! Love Salento!

The Salento, rich land of art an culture of thousand years- Old traditions for wine and food


The palascia

The lighthouse of the Palascià is the former lighthouse of Capo dÓtranto located in Punta Palascia in the west point of Italy...

The two sisters

In the big bahia of Torre dell orso where the water is cristal clear, they come out the faraglioni called the “Two sisters

Il menhir

The menhir (men=stone,hir=long) are special columns with four angle sections forming one only block

Lu furnieddhu

In Martano and the area around the efficient farmers took from the rock hanckerchiefs of land and with the taked rocks…

Ta freata

Called in greek “Ta freata” I weels are special deposits for the water of rain called “Pozzelle” o “Puzzieddhi

The poem

The grotto of the poem is located in Rocca Vecchia in marina where there is not beach,but the sea requires a dive from the rocks of the hill.


Discover the Salento in winter

A lot of places to visit in the interior of the salentino..cathedrals, castels, churches, museums




The amounts include daily clean up, breakfast, linnenm bycicle and infornative material. Children under 3 years old stay free at the B&B. Free cradle available. Admission of pets (arangments before). For all other needs, please contact us



High season - 50 €
Mid season - 40 €
Low season - 35 €



High season - 70 €
Mid season - 60 €
Low season - 50 €



High season - 140 €
Mid season - 120 €
Low season - 100 €


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